As an artist, I seek ways to connect with my intuitive self. The images I draw come out of the creative energy of the subconscious. I think of this practise as an ‘underground river’, the place where all dreams begin. To look into that river, I spread a layer of powdered graphite and pastel, then let the particles find their natural direction. I observe and manipulate the surface until I start to see figures emerging as it from an alternate reality. Using pastels and pencils to darken areas and to bring out shapes, I’ll keep working over the surface until the inner vision is visible to the eye. Though now clearly seen, the figures remain as enigmatic as a dream. Yet like a dream, they can speak truth beyond words. Each figure seems to inhabit its own universe and tell a story with an unknown ending.

Working from this source is nothing unique. Humans have seen images on cave walls, in clouds, firepits, pools of water and every other surface since prehistoric times. The psychological name for this is pareidolia. When I have taught workshops using this technique, students are surprised and pleased with what they discover in themselves.

There are no titles added to these sketches since everyone is free to interpret them however they wish.