Nature Journaling


In these stressful times, I stay focused on nature. I use a simple, straightforward technique and fast-drying media like watercolor, gouache, and water-soluble colored pencils. It is always the perfect time to notice the change of seasons, the flow of water, the growth of plants and the movements of all the creatures living around us. Sometimes I can work on location with just the toolkit in my backpack but other times, depending on weather and the quick movements of my subject, I will take photos on my phone to study later. 

For everyone who practices nature journaling, it forces you to appreciate reality, all the relationships in the eco-system and also the human impact on the natural world.

  • March: Corkscrew Willow Tree, North Tonawanda Botanical Park
  • March: Early Snow Melt, Route 5, Pembroke, NY
  • April: Dead American Robin, Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, NY
  • May: Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, NY
  • April: Grasslands at Braddock Bay, Rochester, NY
  • November: Trees at Oxbow of Buffalo Creek, Buffalo, NY
  • October: Mycenas (Mushrooms), Cattaraugus New York
  • October: Discarded PPE Face Mask, Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo, NY
  • April: Ganodermataceae (Fungus) Barker, NY
  • October: Chokeberries, Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, NY
  • February: Plowed Snow Drifts, Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY
  • February: Snow Drifts, Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY
  • January: Snow-capped Sunflower Head, Kenmore, NY
  • January:  Oak Leaves Hang on Through Marcesence, Buffalo, NY
  • January: Northern Cardinal, Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, NY
  • August: Staghorn Sumac, Pembroke, NY
  • May: Blue Jay, Huntington Avenue, Buffalo, NY
  • August: Buffalo River near Harlem Road, Cheektowaga, NY
  • July: Mayapple, Barker, NY
  • June: Young Deer, Crow Creek, Attica, NY