• UPDATE ON THE TOY GUN PROJECTPosted on December 20, 2022


    This past summer, we held a "steamroller event" in the TriMain parking lot.  Lenny Lane, of the F.A.T.H.E.R.S. organization, rolled over and crushed several hundred toy guns. Since that time we have sorted and organized the pieces, breaking them down by color and size. Shirley Verrico and I held a brainstorming session at Buffalo Arts Studio with artists who work with unique materials.

    Kathy Sherin, Ani Hoover, Bill Koch, Rebecca Schwarzberg and others have all added their expertise. These toys are difficult to work with, hard to break down or melt and are filled with wire springs. So far we have presented four possibilities to Lenny's group and we will wait to see what the community prefers. See the attached PDF and contact me if you have questions or ideas to add to the mix.