• BETHLEHEM BURNSPosted on November 16, 2016


    It was a dark week. Trump was elected. A huge fire raged through Bethlehem Steel in Lackawanna. I drove down to the old steel plant on Sunday, pass an anti-Trump demonstration in Niagara Square, to see what was left of the site. Streets were blocked off and firemen were still working on the smoldering hot spots. Huge cranes moved piles of twisted metal. My photography could not capture the sheer vastness of the place (one million square feet - six city blocks) but I took this Instagram of some fencing and ran it through a Prisma filter. "Yellow tape...like sinews stretching in loss of muscle mass".  After hanging around for an hour, I had to get away from the toxic atmosphere.  The evacuation order has been lifted but the local residents must wonder about long-term health effects.