• IF ONLY THERE HAD BEEN A PAUSEPosted on April 19, 2023


    Recently the Future of Life Institute sent out a letter signed by more than 1000 technology leaders including Elon Musk. The group called for a pause in the development of artificial intelligence (AI tools) that present "profound risks to society and humanity." "Shared safety protocols are needed before unleashing."

    If only there had been a pause in the development of plastics. Could better guidelines have been put in place before single use plastics swirled in the gyres of the oceans? Could microplastics have been kept out of products before they ended up in our bodies?  Plastics are a forever material made without concern for the seventh generation. I look at my grandchildren and wonder how much plastic their bodies are already carrying.  As I move through the world I try to minimize my single plastic use. To avoid it takes planning and preparation but I vow, as one person, to do what I can.