• THE TRAVELER'S TOYSPosted on April 5, 2016


    Hiking on Ohio Street in Buffalo, where the train tracks, silos and canals all intersect, we found a campsite behind a bush growing out of the abandoned rails. Travelers had built a fire and drunk some beers. One of them had thrown out his toy collection. I am guessing it was a teenage boy by the amount of little trucks and cars, a boy who saved all his Happy Meal toys when he had the chance.  For some reason it was time to leave them behind. Deer scat by the charred wood gave evidence of other life passing through this trail as well. Nearby were live rails with graffiti-covered train cars leading towards the General Mills plant. I like to imagine these “wayward teenagers, adventure seekers and high school runaways”* having a good, safe stop in Buffalo before the next part of their journey. Did some of them go back home or keep crisscrossing the country?  I wish them well and thank that unknown boy for his toys.

    The Kang piece became the center of this assemblage. Kang and Kodos, the alien figures from the animated Simpsons TV show, have landed in Buffalo close the campsite.  A sub-surfaced mounted photograph of the site framed with a discarded drawer keeps this world together. Graphics of the Simpsons and graffiti copied off one of the train cars are painted on the sidewalls. Altogether, it’s my version of landscape painting.