• CODAPosted on March 10, 2017


    CODA is a musical term referring to the concluding passage of a piece, movement or dance. It’s also the name for the final exhibit at Studio Hart, a treasure of an art gallery in the heart of Buffalo. Gallery owner, Barbara Hart, is moving on to new creative projects, and I am honored to support her in this grand finale.

    CODA will feature works by David Buck, Bob Collignon and I. CODA opens on “First Friday,” April 7th and runs through April 29th. Studio Hart is located at 65 Allen Street, Buffalo, New York, 14202. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 4pm. Contact Barbara at 716-536-8337 or at www.studiohart.com.
    Here is a little glimpse of a face I am working on, part of a series of Main Street faces. It combines spray paint and acrylic on canvas framed in recycled wood.