• LIFE DRAWING – AN EXERCISE IN CALM FOCUSPosted on January 18, 2017


    Life drawing is a study of the human form done directly from a live model. Since I can't count on the model keeping perfectly still for very long, I am forced to approach each pose as a hunter - in a concentrated state with tools ready and eyes sharp, trying to capture the moment in as much detail as possible.

    Pastels are my tool of choice for their simplicity and immediacy. When you have only a few minutes to draw, you have to be armed and ready. Today’s color palette is based on the Orange/Blue complements. I set it up from the darkest to brightest to lightest values.  It’s so simple I don’t have to worry about mixing the colors of flesh in the shadows. I believe life drawing is the greatest, most difficult practice an artist can have and the foundation for all other work. It also can be a time of quiet meditation where the distractions of the outside world are set aside.